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Wrlife: Travel Insurance For Expats In Cambodia

If you are planning to visit, study, work or settle in Cambodia, it is a requisite to have an insurance cover that shields you from risks and medical emergencies arising while you are there.

Why Do You Need Us…?

We, at Wrlife offer the Best Expat Insurance for those who stay in Cambodia after leaving their native country due to several reasons. Cambodia is located in the southeast of Asian continent where mostly all the expats and emigrants come from overseas. Our travel insurance covers some common unforeseen medical and non-medical risks and emergencies arising while traveling to Cambodia.

1. Luggage Loss
2. Flight/Trip Delays And Cancellation
3. Medical Expenses Up To $100,000
4. Bond/Bail Covers

Apart from the optional covers included in our travel insurance, we also facilitate Schengen Visa for countries that fall into Schengen agreement.

We Make It Perfect- Medical Insurance With Travel Insurance.

To make it a perfect combination, we offer full life health insurance for expats who have settled in Cambodia. Our medical insurance is the Best Health Insurance For Expats as it is customizable according to the needs, demands and affordability of expatriates.

With us, avail the different covers included in the healthcare insurance and adjust them matching your choice.

Available Covers Under Our Full Life Medical Insurance:

1. Inpatient (Compulsorily Included)
2. Outpatient (Optional)
3. Dental Problems (Optional)
4. Optical Sittings (Optional)

Our medical insurance covers include individuals, couples, kids and even the entire family.

We at Wrlife, understand that it can be really costly to handle the medical emergencies while staying or traveling to Cambodia. To protect you from all such financial crunches while coping with such medical emergencies, we offer the Best Insurance Plans For Expats.

Our Partners.

We make it possible by working closely with our partners like Thonburi Group, Assist International Service and Societe Generale.

To cater to different types of risks and emergencies which can arise with the expats, we offer a wide range of insurance for expatriates.

Let’s Have A Quick Look-

1. Life And Personal Accident Cover
2. Personal Liability And Legal Fees
3. Assistance Evacuation And Repatriation

Count On Our Best Expat Insurance In Cambodia, To Make Life Easier And Smoother.