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The Best Expat Insurance

We are Wrlife, and we are dedicated to facilitate the expatriates with the best insurance covers for medical emergencies while you stay in or travel to Thailand. Our plans also cover the different emergencies that might arise while you are traveling to Thailand. To cater to such needs, we at Wrlife, have come up with the Best Expat Insurance Thailand. We ensure that expats don’t have to pay huge monies to cope with the above mentioned uncertainties and emergencies. Our cash free insurance covers everything and you have to pay a single premium to avail all benefits.

Avail The Most Cost Efficient Expat Insurance From Us

We offer Full Life Medical Insurance For Expats that can easily fit even in the strictest of budgets and our covers are designed to match your needs. Thus, we let you customize our medical insurance according to your choice at much less premiums, and that’s why we are known to offer the Best Health Insurance For Expats In Thailand. Here are the services that come under the purview of our medical insurance plan:

1. Inpatient treatment
2. Outpatient sittings
3. Dental problems
4. Ocular sittings

Our Best Expat Travel Insurance Plans For You.

We understand that travelling is an important aspect in an expat’s life. So, along with medical insurance, we also facilitate travel insurance and thus, take care of all the uncertainties that might arise while travelling, because we know that Thailand can be really expensive when it comes to emergencies in health care and while traveling.

Hence, besides medical emergencies arising while travelling to abroad, there are other types of emergencies which cannot be overlooked while offer The Best Travel Insurance For Expats.

Our Travel Insurance For Expats In Thailand Includes The Following Covers:

1. Trip delays and cancellation
2. Luggage covers
3. Emergency medical evacuation/death
4. Bail/bond covers
5. Lawyer’s fees

Travel insurance for flying to European countries need Schengen visa and we, provide you with Schengen visa. Although this visa is not required to travel to Thailand, it is a must, when travelling to a European country. So, if you plan to visit a European country, come and get your Schengen Visa cover from us.

We Care For You!

We walk hand in hand with our client and offer transparent services and offer Best Insurance Plans For Expats who are travelling to Thailand. Thus, healthcare insurance and travel insurance is a requisite for expatriates if they head to Thailand.