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We at Wrlife, offer dedicated full life medical insurance for expatriates. Targeted at people who live outside their native country, we understand that it can cost you an arm and a leg in-case you require medical assistance when you are in a foreign country. To cater to this serious consideration, we assist you with our cost efficient medical insurance plan that can cover your and your family’s medical expenses abroad.

Get The Best Medical Insurance For Expats At Low Premiums.

Here at Wrlife, our plans and packages are amongst the Best Health Insurance For Expats. We have plans for you and your family, which are tailored towards expat health insurance, owing to the distinctive services and optional medical covers that may be adjusted according to your needs and budget.

Match Your Needs With Our Best Health Insurance For Expats.

Our medical insurance for expats include-

1. Inpatient Medical Costs (Compulsorily Covered In The Plan)
2. Outpatient Medical Costs
3. Dental Problems
4. Optical Problems
5. Assistance Evacuation &Repatriation

A Unique Combination Of Assistance Evacuation, Repatriation & Medical Insurance For Expats

Along with the hospitalization costs, we also offer Medical Evacuation And Repatriation Plans, making it an ideal complement to existing health insurance coverage for expats. Not only are the benefits of these plans necessary for those who frequently travel, work or stay outside their home country, but also repatriation and evacuation coverage are often required by international students, guest workers, expats and immigrants.

Along with Full Life Medical Insurance and Assistance Evacuation Repatriation, we also facilitate different types of expat insurances at affordable prices.

Other Products For You

1. Life And Personal Accident Insurance
2. Covers For Personal Liability And Legal Fees
3. Travel Insurance And Schengen Visa

Let’s Walk Together

We prioritize your expectations and needs and thus, keep on improving our products and strive to keep the insurance premiums at one of the lowest in the market. With our state of the art website and online customer portal, we maintain complete transparency in our business operations and offer the best insurance rates for our Expat Health Insurance plans. Also, we make sure that our products don’t carry any hidden charges that make it a win-win for the insurer.