Our reinsurance is rated A-

Travelling Made Safer For Expats: Wrlife Travel Insurance

Wrlife is an A- ranked insurance company making it one of the best insurance companies, for the Travel Insurance Plans For Expats. Expatriates are those who live outside their native country for a short or a long stay, owing to varying reasons.

We at Wrlife, understand the risk for expats whilst travelling and dealing with any sort of emergency while in transit can be a very expensive matter. This is because any type of emergency while travelling abroad is more expensive than your native country owing to the taxes and various laws of the land. But we won’t let that happen!

Our plan for ‘Travelling Insurance For Expats’ includes the following covers:

1. Hospitalization And Medical Expenses
2. Loss Of Baggage And Passport
3. Flight Delays And Trip Cancellation
4. Lawyer’s Fees
5. Bail Bond Cover

Not Just Travel Insurance, We Also Offer Schengen Visa Cover!!

Yes, you are being covered for all the expenses that might unexpectedly arise while you are travelling abroad. We offer Schengen visa cover also for people traveling to the Schengen countries. This cover insures you whilst traveling across 26 Shengen states without any restriction.

We are proud to facilitate our customers with the Best Travel Insurance For Expats along with Shengen visa to make it a perfect combination while you plan to travel to a European country that fall under Shengen agreement.

Complementing Travel Insurance With Medical Insurance For Expats

It’s a well known fact that every country has its own set of health-care policies and laws – whether socially or privately funded and controlled, or by a combination of each. To cater to such situations, we offer travelling and medical insurance to cover you with the Best Travel Insurance Plans For Expats.

With a complementing Medical Insurance For Expats with travel insurance, it lets you rest assured for expenses of any medical emergencies while you’re travelling to abroad and during your stay.

With The Best Medical Insurance For Expats, One Gets Protection From Expenses Rising From –

1. Inpatient Hospitalization
2. Outpatient Treatments
3. Dental Checkups And Sittings
4. Optical Treatments

Transparency...Lesser Charges…More Facilities..Happier Clientele

Compared to our competitors, we charge less than the market rates so that the insurance premiums can fit into the strictest budgets and you don’t have to cut corners of other expenses when you travel abroad.